Case Study


>> Wireless Distributed Communication System (WDCS)

To provide train control and communication in the underground corridor of Delhi Metro TETRA System (380-400 MHz) is deployed.


Inside tunnels, on platforms and in station areas, coverage is provided through Leaky Coaxial Cables. To distribute signals, Couplers and Splitters of suitable values and Ceiling Mount Antennas are installed. In between every station, at approximate 10 kilometers Bi-Directional Amplifiers are installed in telecom equipment rooms.


There are ten stations and including UP & DN sections. With depot areas and terminal sites approximately 15 kms of LCx were installed supported on Normal and Fire Protection clamps. The radiating cables are 1 1/4 inch and 7/8 inch.


After installation, measurements were carried out for insertion loss and the results exceed expectations.


 The contract was awarded through Alcatel and the system has been supplied by RFS, Germany.


>> Wireless Level Crossing System

148 – 162 MHz band
Simplex 25 Watt
2.4 kbps Data Modem
Solar Powered

Operation, control and reporting between controlling station and a LC Gate for Ring Railway Service running in New Delhi.

 The system used Motorola Base Station.


>> Passenger Reservation System

435- 470 MHz band
Full Duplex
6 Watt Tx Power
AC/DC operation

For passenger Reservation system for Point to Multipoint wireless link for Zonal HQ of Indian Railway.

 The system is built using Full Duplex Transceiver from Wood & Douglas, UK.


>> 64 Kbps Wireless Link

159-174 MHz band
Full Duplex
25 KHz RF bandwidth
16 QAM Modulation
Adjustable output Power
DC operation (10-30 volts)

For offshore communication for a Defence establishment at coastal area.

 The system uses EX7100 Digital Radios of EXICOM, New Zealand.