Network Solutions



Network Solutions

Having established itself as a well known International company serving customers in more than 50 countries worldwide via highly reliable quality products in Telecom Wireless Networks,CSG has embarked on a new division serving:-


Enterprises Networking

Providing UC services to bring voice, data, and video together and integrating them with business applications, for swifter response and better business.


Fiber Optics Equipments / Systems.

Providing enterprise networking to interconnect the organizations various sites (such as production sites, offices and shops) in order to share computer resources.
Deploying intrasite & intersites (LAN, WAN) connectivity with latest equipments & accessories.


Unified Communications (UC)

Unified Communications (UC) is the combination of Voice, Data and Video Services into a comprehensive organization dedicated to meeting all voice, messaging, video and online communications needs. Unified Communications enables efficient interaction with others. It allows an individual to send a message on one medium, and receive the same communication on another medium.


UC Products

• Communication gateways
• Unified Communications Applications
• IP Exchanges and Telephony Extensions
• Voice, Messaging and other applications equipment


UC Benefits

• Easy to use and convenient single user environment
• Increased productivity and efficiency
• Enhanced mobility
• Reduced response time, facilitating faster decision making


Enterprise Networking (EN)

An enterprise network is an enterprise’s communications connectivity that helps connect computers and related devices within the office and with other branches providing full compatibility and integrating all systems together via LAN and WAN.


EN Products

• All LAN equipments, cables & accessories
• WAN equipments & accessories
• VoIP & UC products
• Wireless Ethernet & network access points
• User products & accessories
• Servers


EN Benefits

An enterprise network enhances business productivity, improves knowledge management, processes,
employees participation by getting connectedto peers in organization via latest LAN/WAN networking


Fiber Optic equipments/Systems(FOT)

Fiber optics is a medium for carrying information from one point to another in the form of light.A basic fiber optic system consists of a transmitting device that converts an electrical signal into a light signal and a receiver that accepts the light signal and converts it back into an electrical signal.Fiber optic solutions are ideal solutions for high-bandwidth triple play networks that require Ethernet data to be transmitted across the home network, Industrial automation, Medical Imaging, Renewable energy, Smart grid etc.


FOT Systems/Applications

• Home Networking
• Industrial Automation
• Medical Imaging
• Renewable Energy
• Smart Grid


FOT Benefits

• Fast and reliable & secure communication.
• Low power consumption, transmitters capable of operation at 3-4mA .
• Durable, flexible and lightweight .
• Resilient to bending and vibrations .
• EMI/RFI immunity ideal for industrial, harsh, noisy environments, such as high voltage DC inverters motor controllers, and frequency inverters.



• Routers, fixed and wireless.
• Layer 2 & layer 3 LAN switches (POE & non POE).
• Cat 6 cables, Fiber cables, ports and modules.
• Wireless Network Access Points.
• VOIP phones, fixed & mobile.
• Wireless Ethernet.
• Video Conferencing set up.
• Desktops with wireless accessories, Printers, scanners.
• Servers, Voice gateways, Analog adaptors, Epabx, Modems, Protocol convertors, LAN power injectors, security firewalls.
• Spare parts of all LAN and WAN equipments.
• Power supplies for LAN and WAN equipments.


Applications of UC/EN

• Voice over IP makes you talk over IP network rather then traditional PSTN network.
• Video conferencing and chatting with colleagues at other locations.
• Talking over IP cordless phones within office premises.
• Getting connected your old fax and telephones to the IP network via analog adaptors.
• Full wireless high speed connectivity within the office for users.
• Voice mail, Instant messaging and Wi-Fi services.
• Multiple forms of conferencing such as web , audio and Video.
• Instant messaging & always Present for communication capabilities.
• Combining all forms of communications into one form together leading to an efficient interaction with others.
• Full high speed inter and intra office as well as WAN connectivity.