Single Large Orders Executed For Supply Of Power Supplies, Duplexers, Filters& Antennas

order exicuted

>> Selected by an European company to supply Sector Antennas and Customised Filters for Digital India Project . Pilot lot already executed.


>> First order of TETRA band BDAs / Ceiling Mount / Panel Antennas / Directional Couplers / Power Splitters for installation in  Mumbai Metro . Pilot lot has been already executed


>> Single largest order of 215 nos of Ceiling Mount and 05 Panel Antennas, TETRA frequency band for installation in  Bangalore Metro


>> Single largest Export Order of 100 nos of 50 Watt VHF band duplexers valued US$ 10000.00 to UAE distributor of Motorola Radios


>> Executed First Order for supply of 49 units of CE certified AC-DC SMPS 13.75 V DC / 15 Amps to ICOM distributor in Greece.


>>Single largest export order of Antennas valued US$ 32000.00 to Finland .


>> 8000 nos. of 450 MHz band Antennas supplied as OEM to a leading Scandinavian cellular operator.


>> 15000 nos. of multi-band yagis supplied to Finland through our reputed Finnish Distributor.


>> LTE MIMO Antennas approved & supplied for Industrial, Mining & Emergency sectors in NSW, Australia.


>> 200 nos. of VHF band duplexers supplied to a State Police Organization.


>> Bulk supply of 2.4 GHz ISM Band Antennas for a State Wide Area Networking Project.


>> Bulk supply of Triband Antennas for GSM, GPS & WiFi based applications for Indian Railways.