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Research and development forms a vital part of “CSG’ operations. Our product range is continually updated and expanded in response to the requirements of the industry, and where innovation can be identified to provide an advantage to our customers.



Our goal with any development is to build in quality from the outset. By careful selection of materials and processes and with thorough consideration of the application and environment, performance and longevity become hallmarks of our products.

“CSG” proven ability to balance function and quality with competitive pricing places us in a market leading position.



We realise that communications infrastructures can often require a non-standard product; one of our key abilities is to retain a flexible approach to custom-build designs enabling us to produce non-standard RF products and sub-systems. Our engineering teams work closely with our clients to ensure that bespoke needs are always met.The company spends large amount of resources on its R&D,Instruments and facilities to cater tailor made RF designs.